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Fall Protection in the Construction Industry

| June 20, 2023

Fundamental Safety Recommendations to Reduce Workers' Exposures to Falls

In the construction industry, falls from elevated surfaces are preventable and can be a serious and costly employee incident. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2021:

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Distracted Driving - Electronic Devices

| May 30, 2023

Are You Focused on the Road?

Distracted driving from electronics refers to the use of electronic devices while operating a vehicle, such as texting, browsing the internet, or adjusting music playlists. It is a dangerous behavior that can lead to incidents, injuries, and even fatalities. The National Safety Council reports that 96% of people think texting while driving is dangerous, yet 44% still do. It is important to prioritize safety while driving and avoid any distractions that may cause harm to yourself or others on the road.

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Wildlife in the Roadway

| May 23, 2023

Avoid Collisions with Deer

In the United States alone, there are approximately 36 million deer. Each year many drivers and their passengers are injured or killed in collisions involving deer. While many wild animals cross roadways, deer present the most frequent hazard.

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Harnesses & Fall Arrest Devices in the Oil and Gas Industry

| April 26, 2023

Proper Cleaning and Inspections Can Prevent Falls from Elevated Surfaces

Fall prevention is a critical safety concern in the oil and gas industry. Workers are often required to work at heights, making them vulnerable to falls. Harnesses are worn around the body and attached to a lanyard that is secured to a fixed anchor point. This ensures the worker is safely secured and protected from falls while working at heights in the oil and gas industry.

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Common Log Truck Driver Injuries

| April 11, 2023

What Drivers Can Do to Prevent Injuries

Injuries to log truck drivers affect not only drivers and their families, but also their employer. Continue reading to learn about a few of the most common ways drivers are injured and how to prevent these injuries from occurring.

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High-Pressure Washer Safety

| March 28, 2023

The Dangers of Pressure Washing and How to Stay Safe

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2014, an estimated 6,057 people went to the emergency room with injuries related to pressure washer use, and 14% of those ER visits led to additional hospitalization. High-pressure washer injuries are not to be underestimated.

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