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Head to Toe Personal Protective Equipment for the Oil and Gas Industry

| November 22, 2022

Protect Yourself from the Unique Hazards of this Industry

When hazards can’t be eliminated, substituted, engineered, or administratively controlled, personal protective equipment (PPE) is the last line of defense. PPE is found in all industries, but the oil and gas industry has a unique set of hazards that have the potential to affect workers from head to toe. These unique hazards include hydrogen sulfide (otherwise known as H2S), crystalline silica for hydraulic fracturing, and flash flares.

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Fire Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry

| October 25, 2022

Good Practices for Fire Prevention and Protection

When we think of fires in the oil and gas industry, the image that typically comes to mind is of a rig or well site explosion. While those fires do happen, it is rare. Fires most common in this industry are often isolated fires caused by an ignition source or static electricity. Often minor items, such as an engine or piece of equipment, will get damaged. However, fires often lead to personal injuries.

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In-Cab Essentials

| October 18, 2022

Are You Prepared for Potential Problems on the Road This Winter?

As the weather begins to cool down, it's time for drivers to start thinking about preparing their truck cab for winter weather. In-cab essentials include items and tools that can prepare drivers for potential problems, keep them comfortable, and minimize stress during each trip. We've compiled a list of in-cab essentials that often get forgotten about to help keep commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers safe on the road.

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Working In and/or Around Schools

| September 27, 2022

Recommended Safety Practices for School Construction Sites

School is back in session, which means when working in and/or around schools, there are many things to consider beyond typical crew safety. You have public safety of paramount importance, and even more specifically, children. You must consider much more than you would if working on an open site. The unique attributes that make up risk control in these areas can create a successful project with proper mindfulness. Remember, just like in residential areas, there are an increased number of people who may be more curious and unaware of the exposures present on a job site. Review these recommended practices to help create a safe work environment for everyone.

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Driver Safety for Log Truck Drivers

| September 6, 2022

6 Reminders to Prevent Logging Truck Accidents

Vehicle injuries are often the leading cause of death in all industry workplace fatalities. Log trucks are some of the most challenging types of trucks to drive, and if driven irresponsibly, can be dangerous to both the log truck driver and other drivers on the road. Refresh yourself on these six recommendations to stay safe on the road and prevent accidents.

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Slips and Falls in the Logging Industry

| August 23, 2022

Good Practices to Keep on Your Feet and Stay on the Job

Slips and trips are common causes of workplace injuries. The CDC reports in 2019, 27% of nonfatal work injuries that lead to days away from work were due to slips, trips, and falls. The logging industry is no exception. Continue reading to learn more about common hazards of slips and falls in the logging industry and good practices to keep your crew safe.

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