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Topic: Oil & Gas
Date: January 23, 2024

Alan Anderson, Sr. Risk Control Consultant

A Comprehensive Guide to Maintaining a Safe and Organized Workplace

Good housekeeping plays a crucial role in maintaining safety and efficiency in the oil and gas industry. It involves keeping the workplace clean, organized, and free from potential hazards. Continue reading to learn about our recommendations for good housekeeping practices in the oil and gas industry.

Waste Management

Proper waste management is necessary on any job site. Leaving trash out in the open not only looks unsightly, but can also attract insects and animals to the area. To prevent this from happening, implement a comprehensive waste management system to ensure that all trash is properly disposed of. Designate specific areas for trash disposal and regularly inspect the job site to ensure protocols are being followed.

Weed Control

Grass and weed control are essential to maintain safety on lease sites and for roustabout services. Sparks from welding or grinding pipes can easily ignite uncontrolled vegetation, leading to a wildfire.

Proper Equipment Storage

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to come across harnesses that are carelessly stored on the rig floor or ground, which can create a significant risk to the worker's safety. Storing a fall protection harness correctly may not seem like a big deal, but it can make all the difference in an emergency. When a harness is not correctly stored, it can become damaged, making it ineffective in the event of a fall. To properly store a harness, it should be hung up in a dry, clean area away from any potential hazards. Harnesses should also be regularly inspected for any signs of wear or damage, and if any problems are found, it should be taken out of service immediately.

Personal Protective Equipment Maintenance

Are worker's gloves muddy, clean, or torn? Gloves should regularly be inspected and maintained to ensure effectiveness. Unfortunately, some companies may not allow workers to replace their gloves often enough due to the cost. This leads to torn and worn gloves that provide little protection. As a good housekeeping practice, we recommend implementing a sign-out system, where workers are required to bring back their old gloves to receive a new pair. If they do not have their old gloves, consider requiring workers to pay half the price of the new gloves. This system encourages workers to keep track of their gloves and reduces the company's costs.

Training and Awareness

Provide comprehensive training programs for workers on good housekeeping practices specific to the oil and gas industry. Promote awareness about the importance of cleanliness, organization, and hazard prevention among all personnel.

Implementing these recommendations for good housekeeping practices in the oil and gas will create a safer work environment. For more oil and gas safety tips, contact your BITCO Risk Control Consultant. Click the button below to find a BITCO agent near you.

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