Workers' Compensation Claims

Date: November 5, 2019

Todd Boelter, BITCO Program Manager, Manufacturing and Wholesale & Distribution

Protect Against Slips, Trips and Falls 

A broken ankle due to a slippery floor.

A back sprain from a high fall.

A sprained wrist from an unfortunate trip.

Slips and trips in the workplace are no laughing matter. Something as seemingly minor and innocent as slipping on a wet floor has the potential to turn into a much greater incident, possibly even a workers’ compensation claim if there is an injury involved.

While there is no way to prevent every workplace injury, there are numerous ways to reduce risk and build a strong workplace safety culture. 

Coverage for Slip and Fall Accidents

Since it’s impossible to prevent all slips, trips and falls, it’s important that your business protects itself in the event of a claim.

Review your insurance policies on a regular basis to ensure you have adequate business liability insurance coverage to cover customer and non-employee claims, as well as workers’ compensation coverage to protect employees.

If you don’t already have one, consider adding a business umbrella policy to add an extra measure of protection if the liability exposure exceeds the limits of the base policy.

Foster a Culture of Safety

A safe workplace starts and ends with your employees. Foster a safe workplace environment by regularly reviewing the safety procedures you have in place with your team. This helps ensure they understand (and remember) your policies and your expectations when it comes to the work environment.

Avoiding Slips

No matter what the workplace – an office, factory or store – slips are possible. But with these helpful tips, slips can be avoided.

  • Clean a spill immediately
  • Mark a spill with signage if unable to clean immediately
  • Secure mats, rugs and carpets
  • Maintain a well-lit workplace
  • Replace or recoat flooring for increased contact
  • Encourage proper footwear designed with anti-slip properties

Evading Falls

Much like slips, falls are another common occurrence in the workplace. Between ladders, scaffolding and platforms, it’s critical that employees practice safe fall prevention in the workplace. Employers can reduce the risk of falls by:

  • Posting signage or reflective tape to call attention to potential problem areas
  • Installing handrails in stairways for easier access
  • Training employees in slip and fall safety
  • Establishing guidelines on how to report problems and respond to hazardous situations
  • Maintaining complete records of daily inspections and maintenance work

Employees can reduce the risk of falls by:

  • Paying attention to surroundings
  • Walking at a suitable pace
  • Using additional light sources when needed

While BITCO can help protect you against losses involving worker injuries, we rely on you to proactively follow these tips to help make sure you adequately protect your workforce.

To find out more about how BITCO can work with you to ensure your workplace is safe, contact our Risk Control Department at

Together, let’s protect you and your valuable assets. 

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