Commercial Property Snow/Ice Removal Planning and Preparedness

Date: December 13, 2022

Keith Jepsen, Sr. Risk Control Consultant

Recommendations for Communicating Plans in Response to Weather Conditions

Winter is just around the corner, meaning it's time to establish your company's Winter Storm Response Plan (WSRP) for commercial property snow and ice removal. Risk management activities associated with a WSRP include preparing employees, materials, equipment, scenario plans for various weather events, and other activities that are best not left to the last minute.

Your company is responsible for employees' safety and health. Continue reading to learn our recommendations for communicating plans on commercial property snow and ice removal.

Assess Your Risks

Don't wait for the first winter storm to address walkway and parking lot snow removal. When creating your company's snow and ice removal plan, make detailed notes about conditions, walkways, and primary and secondary access points. Include notes on any potholes, broken curbs, elevation changes, and other existing damage. Adding photographs or videos to your plan can help with documentation.

Your plan should also include details on approaching different winter storm weather scenarios. For example, where will the snow be stored? Is that location a good spot when the snow melts and refreezes? How will the weather conditions be communicated to all employees? Who is responsible for each task?

Finally, consider factors such as the industry you work in, where your employees live, and the location of the jobsite.


Communication is key. The plan should be communicated ahead of any winter storms to all parties, from the office, to the shop, yard, and to employees.


Once the plan has been created and correctly documented, ensure that all snow removal crews and employees have been properly trained and educated on the equipment, PPE requirements, symptoms of cold stress, safe work practices, first aid, etc. The plan should be reviewed and modified annually.

Potential Problems to Consider

To avoid potential problems during a winter storm, review and consider the following factors.

  • Is snow removal equipment being maintained? Are there spare parts on hand for broken equipment?
  • Is there a contract in place with the snow removal contractor? If not, create a contract ahead of any work performed.
  • Don't just rely on verbal agreements or invoices for snow and ice removal services. Ensure a proper contract is in place.

Don't let the winter interfere with your company and your employee's safety. For more winter safety recommendations, contact your BITCO Risk Control Consultant. Click the button below to find an agent near you.

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