Set Positive Practices to Guard Your Vehicles

Date: December 3, 2019

Mark Wendell, Assistant Vice President, Underwriting

You can prevent vehicle theft

Whether it’s utility trucks, construction vehicles or even pick-ups, each vehicle in your fleet is critical to your business’ success. When one is damaged – or worse yet – stolen, it can have a dramatic impact on productivity. Not only do you face the cost of that vehicle, but also the delays caused without that vehicle in use.

It’s important to know that property crimes often rise in the winter months as thieves seek shelter from the cold. Also, the shorter days and colder temperatures result in long nights with fewer people around to witness crimes.

How do you take proactive steps to prevent theft of your business vehicles? Here are our tips:

Ensure employees practice theft prevention.

Conduct regular training sessions that teach drivers safe practices and ways they can help prevent theft. One example – always have your drivers remove the keys from the vehicle and lock the vehicle when they leave.

Also, before hiring a new driver, conduct a background and reference check. Ensure that all new drivers understand the importance of their vehicle and that they’ll be held responsible for any theft that occurs while the vehicle is under their care.

Consider anti-theft devices.

Alarms that make loud sounds and flashing lights help deter thieves. Also consider devices that prevent thieves from bypassing a vehicle’s ignition system to hot-wire the vehicle.

In the event a theft does occur, consider vehicle recovery systems that help law enforcement quickly locate the stolen vehicle and possibly catch the thief. GPS systems should be placed in areas that would go unnoticed.

Don’t sacrifice driver comfort for safety.

During the cold winter months, many drivers choose to heat up the cab while remaining indoors. Vehicles are running and unlocked during this brief but opportune time for thieves. Could you install a remote starter on the vehicle? Leaving it locked while warming up is the best solution.

There are also a variety of HVAC systems that are battery or solar operated. These not only help reduce idling but also keep your drivers comfortable in the cold temps.

Think about surroundings.

Your drivers should be wary of where they park the vehicle when planning to leave it unattended. Well-lit construction sites help deter thieves.

Additionally, drivers should be wary of thieves following them from their starting point. By staying alert, your drivers can help thwart would-be thieves.

If you have questions about how to manage your company’s vehicles, consult your BITCO agent for more information.

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