Head to Toe Personal Protective Equipment for the Oil and Gas Industry

Topic: Oil & Gas
Date: November 22, 2022

Jessica Slattery, Risk Control Consultant

Protect Yourself from the Unique Hazards of this Industry

When hazards can’t be eliminated, substituted, engineered, or administratively controlled, personal protective equipment (PPE) is the last line of defense. PPE is found in all industries, but the oil and gas industry has a unique set of hazards that have the potential to affect workers from head to toe. These unique hazards include hydrogen sulfide (otherwise known as H2S), crystalline silica for hydraulic fracturing, and flash flares.

Head and Eye Protection

Flying particles, vapors, and caustic liquids are very common in the oil and gas industry. Use eye protection such as safety glasses with side shields, goggles, and welding hoods. In combination with eye protection, face shields can be used. Face shields are best when used in combination with eye protection. Hard hats protect against falling objects, overhead electrical hazards, or fixed objects that workers can bump into. Keep in mind that not all hard hats protect against electrical hazards.

Body PPE

Choosing the correct gloves for each job is important. Gloves come in all sorts of fabrics for each hazard. Be sure to choose the correct gloves for the job. Wearing boots for fall protection and fire resistance clothing are all necessary elements to correctly guard against hazards.

Respiratory Protection

Respirators are used for unsafe atmospheric protection. Before employees wear respirators, they must undergo a medical examination and fit testing. Supervisors must provide training for the correct use, maintenance, and storage of respirators.

4 Steps for Choosing the Correct PPE

When choosing the correct PPE for the job, remember these four steps.

  1. Hazard Identification
  2. Matching PPE to the Hazard
  3. Regulatory Compliance
  4. Design and Comfortability of PPE

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