Dash Cams

Date: October 21, 2021

Carrie Kolodji, Risk Control Analyst

Five Benefits to Help Save You Money, Encourage Safe Driving Habits, and Improve Fleet Performance

Cameras mounted to the dashboard are not only for law enforcement or ride-share vehicles. The millions of dash cams videos on the internet reflect their growing popularity with the general public. A dash cam is a camera that records sounds and images both outside and inside your vehicle. Installing dash cams in your fleet can provide several benefits for your company. Here are five that can help save you money, encourage safe driving habits, and improve fleet performance.

Proof of an Accident 

A video record can help prove you were not responsible for an incident and avoid being cited for a subsequent traffic violation. It can also help expedite claim resolution with your insurance company by providing an objective perspective and aiding in a liability investigation. Dash cams help resolve "at fault" accidents more quickly, confirm incident damages, help combat fraud, and may reduce the amount of the claim.

Extra Set of Eyes

They offer an extra form of security for your fleet. Some dash cams record footage even when your vehicle is not in use allowing the ability to capture evidence of hit-and-runs or break-ins.

Improved Driving

Driving videos can be used to review your employees' driving skills. Some dash cams also have built-in safety alerts which are triggered if your vehicle is following too closely behind another vehicle or if it starts to drift out of its lane. You can also use dash cams as a training tool to help correct poor driving. Coaching is key to changing undesirable behavior detected by the monitoring data.

Monitor Employee Driving

Ever seen the sticker on the back of a truck that says, "How's my driving?" There is no longer a need to wait for a stranger to report unsafe drivers. With dash cams, employers can view first-hand how their employees are performing behind the wheel. Dash cams equipped with GPS can also track when and where they were driving. Most dash cams also include a microphone. By having "ears in the cab", you can determine if drivers are spending too much time talking on the phone or listening to music too loud. Both factors can distract the driver from focusing on the road.

Trip Data Capture

Dash cams can log vehicle location. They can help support fleet dispatch and scheduling issues.

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